Today's workforce is very diverse. Being able to have Employee Handbooks in Spanish will show your Spanish speaking new hires that you have a genuine interest in them as a valued employee. Your Employee Benefits broker can guide you on creating your Employee Guide we'll translate it to Spanish for you. 

Your employees may have a difficult time understanding the changes with their benefits or may have difficulty understanding the benefit summaries. Your Spanish speaking population may have an even more difficult time understanding what they can barely read. We can translate your Employee Benefit guide or even create a simpler version for your Spanish speaking population to understand the benefits available to them. 

Let all your employees know you care about their well being, by getting your Wellness Program materials translated into Spanish you can engage all your employees. Your carriers may be able to get you the materials in English, but if they can't get it to you in Spanish; we can create it for you. Lets get everyone engaged and working together to decrease and minimize claims by being proactive with their health and wellness.

We all know how stressful Annual Open Enrollment can be. Getting announcements and reminders out so that everyone attends the meetings and completes their annual enrollment ensuring they make the necessary changes for the next plan year can be cumbersome. Let's make sure your Spanish speaking population knows about all the changes and the process for Open Enrollment so you're not left waiting for stragglers and no one is left without the benefits they'd thought they'd kept or enrolled in.

Need to increase participation in your wellness program and working on your biometrics event? Let us translate your event announcements to Spanish to get more participation. Getting your employee population excited about these events can be difficult, especially if they cannot read the materials. Let us help you change that and get everyone excited and engaged in your upcoming biometrics event.